Want to come work with us? Below are current employment opportunities available with Granite Belt Support Services.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST – Warwick / Stanthorpe / Tenterfield

Do you like natural beauty, fresh produce, stunning walks and great wines? Well the scenic Granite Belt may be for you! Stanthorpe is a vibrant town with many natural and man- made attractions, within easy reach of Brisbane but with the joys that only rural life can offer…minimal traffic, fresh air and friendly people. The [...]

Working in Stanthorpe

“I love the landscape and the beautiful environment in Stanthorpe, its great community of diverse people, the climate and fantastic friends.”

“I love every season in Stanthorpe and I am always ready for a change – currently loving the colours of Autumn!”

“I enjoy the calm and quiet of Stanthorpe – it’s a close-knit community, and everyone is welcoming and friendly. Also, no need to worry about traffic!”

“The best thing about living and working in Stanthorpe is definitely the wineries and having access to so much delicious wine and tasty food!”

“I enjoy working in Stanthorpe because it has a great sense of community and there are lots of good options for food and drinks.”

“I love the beautiful countryside in Stanthorpe – going for a drive (even to a school or home for therapy) is always peaceful, rather than the stressful rush hour traffic in the city! Stanthorpe has lots to offer on weekends – I love bush walking and hiking, visiting the wineries and cafes and meeting with friends and family.”