As the unique provider of Disability Services in this area we provide and deliver supports and services to individuals covering a wide range of disabilities that span all ages. The diversity of need requires a flexible, responsive and individualised approach to service delivery.

We promote inclusive and flexible practices and resources to enable clients to participate fully in the programs and activities of their choice.

We work closely with individuals and families to ensure positive outcomes. Input from individuals and families is a valued resource and encouraged at all times.

Our experience in providing such supports and services has progressed and improved over many years.

The numerous programs offered by our RADS service are instrumental in promoting the skills, capabilities and self -confidence necessary for people with disability to access community activities and opportunities that enhance their quality of life.

  • Deliver Respite Care which includes:

    • One to one support

    • In-home support

    • Community access

    • After school flexible respite programs/activities : 12-17years

    • Flexible respite program : 0-6years

    • Overnight stays

    • Holiday programs/activities

  • Deliver individually tailored adult lifestyle programmes

  • Provide Sport and Recreation opportunities

  • Provide Disability Education and Training

We have experienced and qualified staff involved with supporting individuals and running programs.

What Do We Do?

  • Lifeskills programs & development

  • Social & Community access support

  • Community participation support

  • In-home support

  • Overnight respite

  • NDIS Plan Management