Some examples include:


AAC – Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems provide children with a way of getting their message across even though speech may be difficult. At Granite Belt Support Services, we are building a bank of equipment for trial and loan to ensure that all children can learn to communicate to their greatest potential. The Big Mack is a simple single message recordable device that enables kids to ask a question, barrack for their favourite team, take a part in a song or drama piece or tell a joke!

The iPad has become part of our lives for many reasons. It can be used as a teaching tool with the right apps, but also has potential to help people write their message or story if using a pen or pencil is hard. Writing is important for us all in this world of Facebook and email. At GBSS, we have iPads for demonstration and trial and the Chesterkeys keyboard with its colour highlights and accessibility enables children with problems in motor skills or planning to type.

At GBSS, we know that we all like to control our environment and make things happen around us. For some kids with physical disabilities, even the simplest things in life can be tough. The Powerlink joins with any electrical device to make it switch accessible, so that just by activating a switch with a hand or other body part, you can turn on a fan, a light, a blender, activate a toy or your favourite music!! Groove away!

For all kids, play is an important part of life and learning …and having fun!! Imagine being able to drive a remote control car, even though you can’t use the controls! Switchamajig can join with the iPad to give the user 6 switch power. This means that you can use the iPad to make the car go forward and backward as well as turn and …crash!! Yay!!