The therapy team at GBSS is made up of dedicated, qualified professionals specialising in different fields. Each of our therapists brings a unique perspective to our services, and is dedicated to improving our participants’ quality of life.

Kimberley Raub, Speech and Language Pathologist


“The most exciting part of my job at GBSS is when a participant says their first word, points to a symbol for the first time or combines words for the first time in a sentence.”

“I want to provide an excellent service to our community so that our participants have the best possible opportunity to communicate. Everyone should have the ability to say what they are thinking, and to be able to eat and drink as safely as possible.”

“I love the beautiful countryside in Stanthorpe – going for a drive (even to a school or home for therapy) is always peaceful, rather than the stressful rush hour traffic in the city! Stanthorpe has lots to offer on weekends – I love bush walking and hiking, visiting the wineries and cafes and meeting with friends and family.”

“I have been working as a speech pathologist since 2006. I chose speech pathology because I love language and communication, and I wanted to be in a profession where I help people.”

Johnny Lin, Speech and Language Pathologist

LIN (Tz-Jie) Johnny id photo

“I became a speech pathologist because I’ve always been interested in linguistics and speech and I wanted to pursue a career that involved a therapeutic aspect to it – so speech pathology ticked all my boxes!”

“The most exciting part of my job is the fantastic variety of clients that I get to work with, and that I’m able to do so much intervention, compared to other jobs that are more assessment-focused.”

‘I enjoy the calm and quiet of Stanthorpe – it’s a close-knit community, and everyone is welcoming and friendly. Also, it’s nice not to have to worry about traffic!’

“The variety can be challenging at times, because I need to make sure I read up on a wide range of practice areas, but my perfect day at GBSS would still involve a mix of seeing my paediatric clients, because I love being able to do lots of play-based therapy, and working with my adult clients.”

Caitlin Daken, Occupational Therapist

DAKEN Caitlin

“The best thing about living and working in Stanthorpe is definitely the wineries and having access to so much delicious wine and tasty food!”

“My perfect day at GBSS is getting to sample the amazing treats our clients (and staff) bake and getting to go out for drinks with our team afterwards.”

“I love that as part of my job at GBSS I can get out from behind my desk and go to lots of different places.”

“The people are what get me through the day at my job – both the clients that I get to help, and the team around me.”

“My strength is my ability to listen to people and help them calm down (having a well-stocked snack drawer definitely helps with this).”

“I’m in my first year as working as an Occupational Therapist (OT). I learnt what OT was after seeing someone close to me lose a lot of their function and independence. I chose to become an OT so that I could try and stop that happening for other people.”

Lisa Notley, Occupational Therapist


“I graduated from my OT course more than 30 years ago! I specialised in Occ Health Rehab and workplace rehabilitation for the first half of my career. It wasn’t until my children were getting a bit more independent that I realised I missed having young children in my everyday life so I upskilled in Paediatrics and have been learning about and loving it ever since.”

“In my work I get to be part of the process that makes a difference, like helping a child achieve independence in toilet training so they can go on school camp or, after showing parents how to support a child to self-regulate they say, ‘we tried it and it worked’.”

“At work, I’m motivated by having fun with the kids. Kids learn through play, and if they have fun they are more likely to repeat and practise the activity. I try to approach every session by finding a way to make the learning fun.”

“I specialise in helping parents to connect with and support their children. I usually see children weekly or fortnightly, so I find it valuable to help parents to understand the behaviours and the strategies etc., so they can apply them to everyday life.”

Geraldine Hollingsworth, Senior Occupational Therapist


“I specialise in working with children and families with complex needs, and using creative ways to assist people to be motivated to tackle challenges.”

“I have been an OT since 1983 – well before most people here were born! I was drawn to OT because it seemed to have a holistic approach in working with people in a meaningful, creative and fun way.”

“A perfect day at GBSS is when everything runs smoothly, sharing experiences where people make a connection with a goal or strategy that works, enjoying amazing shared gourmet lunches with the team, interspersed with lots of laughter.”

“I’m motivated at GBSS by the feeling of connection and support from working together with all sorts of people to help make a difference, as well as the inspiration I get from working as part of a team.”

“One of the challenges I face in my work is creative problem solving to address obstacles – this might relate to a challenging behaviour impacting a person’s ability to function or just working out time management to address needs in an efficient way.”

Liz Cowley, Speech and Language Pathologist

COWLEY Elizabeth

“Making a difference and empowering others in improving their communication skills keeps me motivated.”

“At GBBS I get to work with a great team and make a difference in the lives of others.”

“The biggest challenge of working here is achieving the best outcome for people who experience hardship in life.”

“I enjoy working in Stanthorpe because it has a great sense of community and there are lots of good options for food and drinks.”

“I have been a speech pathologist for three years and I chose this field of work to help others and because I enjoy working with children.”