The GBSS therapy team realise the importance of working with a child in their everyday environments. Visiting Granite Belt schools enables the team to support the child’s educational goals and information can be shared with families and education staff. These visits also enable the child to learn and use therapy ideas and strategies in their normal life.

The Occupational Therapists’ run classroom programs for self-regulation and improving skills for learning. This means not only is the child learning how to manage his/her behaviour and build up skills such as writing, but all the classmates and the teacher are learning the same skills and words that go with them. And it is fun!!

The team support families as well as teachers in the classroom by providing resources and equipment that help the child listen and understand as well as participate in class. These include such things as:


  • visual schedules so the child knows what is happening,
  • reward options so that attention is on the positive behaviour,
  • sensory tools to help a child concentrate
  • social information stories to help the child learn what to do in different situations


The therapy team may work with one or two other children as well as the focus child to practice social skills like turn taking, sharing, winning and losing and how to be a friend.

The therapy team works closely with families and education staff to make sure that there is coordination and understanding and that we are all working towards the same goals. This also means that the parents are getting the same information and that strategies and ideas are shared through the child’s everyday life.