The OT/Physio/SLP will provide a range of therapy options to suit each child, their support system and therapy time constraints. We are an approved service to run intensive Early Intervention programmes for children under 7 years under the Helping Children with Autism/Better Start programme funded by Department of Social Services.

The therapist will talk with the child’s parents/caregivers and school support staff about the best way for the therapy programme to be delivered. This will be dependent on:

  • Student needs
  • Number of students
  • Types of facilities
  • Opportunities to group students
  • Available therapy time
  • Available time for students, parents, teachers, teacher aides etc
  • Level of commitment to carry out the programme

These services for students may be provided:

  • Throughout the year
  • In blocks
  • Term on/off
  • Therapy for students with a disability will be on an ongoing nature dependent on funding (up to 18 years of age)
  • Therapy provided to students without a disability will have a limit set of up to 6 months duration unless specific needs change and ongoing therapy intervention is negotiated.


  • An individual or group programme conducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly by the therapist, with follow-up by parents, teachers, teacher aides or others. These sessions may be face-to-face or by skype.
  • Class/Centre programmes developed by the therapist and teacher
  • Consultation with parents, teacher and other educational support staff
  • Facilitate the modification of school curriculum and environment to enhance student participation eg physical environment, technology, adaptive equipment.
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of Individual Plans
  • Provision of resources and in-service training of education staff, parents/caregivers and others
  • Involvement in profiling processes and special needs committees.

All service delivery models require time for planning, preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and require human and material resource support.


The GBSS Inc carries out an annual survey of the quality of the OT/Physio/SLP service. This is required for funding reasons and to ensure the ongoing delivery of a locally based quality service.