RADS – Lifestyle Services

RADS – Lifestyle Services

RADS – Lifestyle Services

RADS – Lifestyle Services

Lifestyle Programs and Services

“Life Skills are the skills to change your life so that YOU are able to dream, determine, incubate, create and direct your own meaning from life – free from the attachments and co-dependencies of the past.”
From Ananda.com

Respite and Day Services (RADS) offers many activities and opportunities that you may be interested in. Support to attend these activities varies and is based on the individual needs of the person and level of support which is required and funded. Support assistance may be offered for one-to-one support or in a group setting.

Our staff will help each individual develop necessary life skills and interests, and assist in reaching their goals and aspirations. This holistic approach will be worked out with the individual and/or their family member and put into their Individual Program Plan – the opportunities are endless.

Examples of some of the programs and services RADS offer:

  • Music program
  • Gym program
  • Numeracy and Literacy
  • Social and Community Access Program
  • Social Enterprise Canteen
  • Yoga
  • Linedancing and general dance
  • Meals on wheels
  • Shopping, cooking, budgeting
  • Speakers Social Evening
  • Holiday programs
  • Art and craft
  • Outings
  • Swimming: indoor and outdoor programs (social, hydrotherapy)
  • First Aid and CPR

Life Skills – Health & Recreation

Our Health and Recreation programs and activity goals are designed for the individual to focus on health and fitness aspects of their lives. This is a vital programme as health issues can have a negative impact on a person’s quality of life. These issues can affect their daily life, independence, longevity, social capacity, self-esteem and self-confidence.

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